Chicago Bears: 4 active players poised for EA Madden 99 Club

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Chicago Bears, Khalil Mack
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Khalil Mack, LOLB/EDGE, Chicago Bears

Initial Madden 22 rating: 96 OVR

While Khalil Mack found himself in the 99 Club in Madden 20, he’s proven that it can be done.

And, since last season was a bit of a bummer for many invested parties, it was inevitable that Mack’s overall was going to drop. That being said, the gap Mack made in Madden 18/19 to get to his 99 in Madden 20 wasn’t much. In Madden 18, Khalil Mack earned a 97 overall, while in Madden 19, that overall got bumped up to a 98.

So, with Khalil Mack having a mere 96 rating this year, he’s going to have to really make his name heard across the league, rather from fans that could possibly be living in Khalil Mack’s past.

Now, I’m not saying Khalil Mack is washed up, too old, or anything. I think his struggles last season, in line with the defense in general, stemmed from the offense’s inability to stay on the field. Defense is highly tied to momentum, and if the defense is playing 60% of the game, momentum is hard to come by.

That being said, the offense seems to have progressed, so in turn, the defense should also take a leap forward compared to last season.