Chicago Bears: 4 active players poised for EA Madden 99 Club

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Chicago Bears, Allen Robinson
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Allen Robinson, WR, Chicago Bears

Initial Madden 22 rating: rating: 90 OVR

Ever since Allen Robinson joined the league, he has yet to join forces with an unarguably solid quarterback. The best QB that ARob has played with is Blake Bortles who, no disrespect to him, is not necessarily the league’s best.

However, with the quarterback battle between Andy Dalton and Justin Fields, both options seemingly give Allen Robinson more consistency than he’s had in his career.

It’s no unordinary opinion to say that Allen Robinson is good at football, however, part of a wide receiver’s success is based upon whether the quarterback can throw the ball well enough for the receiver to catch it.


Now, if Allen Robinson can get the respect he has with unideal quarterback partnerships in the past, it’s likely that Robinson’s Madden rating could skyrocket.

With a connection that yields consistency, Allen Robinson could join alongside the NFC North’s current 99 Club Member: Davante Adams.

The last major point is that Allen Robinson is on a contract year, which ideally is a year that players try to put it all out on the field. This is usually in hopes of impressing a team to want to pay you more than you were paid before.

In Allen Robinson’s case, it seems like this could be his last season as a Chicago Bear, which also means he’s probably going to play with a bit of a chip on his shoulder.

Good news for his Madden rating; bad news for opposing defensive backs.