Chicago Bears: 4 active players poised for EA Madden 99 Club

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Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
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Justin Fields, QB, Chicago Bears

Initial Madden 22 rating: 74 OVR

So, before “those people” state that Justin Fields has yet to take an NFL snap, save your breath– or the calories it takes to type out a long-winded comment.

I’m incredibly aware of Justin Fields’ goose egg in the “NFL snaps” department, but let me remind you of how Madden ranks quarterbacks each year, especially rookie quarterbacks.

Notable rookies in past Maddens:

  • Tom Brady (57 OVR rookie rating)
    • Initial Madden 22 rating: 97
  • Justin Herbert (70 OVR rookie rating)
    • Initial Madden 22 rating: 80
  • Russell Wilson (70 OVR rookie rating)
    • Initial Madden 22 rating: 94 OVR
  • Patrick Mahomes (76 OVR rookie rating)
    • Initial Madden 22 rating: 99 OVR

As is made apparent above, rookies aren’t automatically given high ratings because they played well in college. Madden itself is saying the “So and so hasn’t taken a single NFL snap” debate, so that’s why I said that blurb in the beginning.

With Justin Fields being arguably one of the top quarterbacks of the 2021 NFL Draft Class, there are a lot of what-ifs. However, something that helps Justin Fields and his possible aspirations for Madden greatness, it’s more likely that dual-threat quarterbacks make this kind of list more often than not.

As the overall rating of players is based on their individual ratings, having good throwing ratings and good rushing ratings help the overall out more.

All things considered, however, if Justin Fields is who the Chicago Bears think he is, there should be no problem seeing Justin Fields join Madden’s 99 Club.