Chicago Bears: 4 active players poised for EA Madden 99 Club

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Is it likely that a current Chicago Bear joins Madden’s 99 Club soon?

While the keywords here are “current” and “soon”, the waters become a bit muddied.

Since Allen Robinson doesn’t seem to have much of a future left with the  Chicago Bears, based solely on contractual conversations, this season seems like the season for him to make a big splash. As I said prior, players seem to play much better when they know they’re about to hit the market.

Now, the most obvious current player that’s likely to get 99 Club honors is Khalil Mack. Not only was he a prior member (Madden 20), but his current OVR is closest “as-is” to being a 99.

While I hope Roquan can get there in “soon”, it will all depend on whether he continues his All-Pro play on the field, as well as if the Chicago Bears choose to commit to more of a future with the former Georgia Dawg.

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Lastly, I think most Chicago Bears fans want Justin Fields to be the end-all, say-all at quarterback, however, there will be at least a few seasons before Fields finds himself joining the elite 99 Club in Madden.