Chicago Bears: 5 Can’t-miss players at training camp

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Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
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Chicago Bears fans must watch Justin Fields during training camp

Look at the new shiny toy on the Chicago Bears offense. Even as the backup, Justin Fields is a can’t miss player at training camp. Fields is the future if not the present. Andy Dalton has proved he deserves to start at this point, but with nearly a month left before a decision must be made heading into Week 1 versus the Rams, anything could happen.

All of the talk about Justin Fields has been relatively positive. There have been a few analysts here and there stating that Fields looked rough, but even they said it’s different than what we are used to seeing in years past. Justin Fields’ work ethic has been something to be excited about this season too. Funny how this is the case seeing he was docked for his work ethic prior to the NFL Draft by many analysts. Glad they were completely wrong.

When it comes to the Chicago Bears, quarterback has not been ideal. Outside of a few solid players, the team has never had one of those quarterbacks you just knew were going to dominate. A quarterback you never worried about and one who finished in the top 10 on a yearly basis. Although Fields has not taken a regular-season snap yet, all eyes are on him and this is why he is considered a can’t-miss player here in Chicago.