5 positions Chicago Bears could have decided in camp

Chicago Bears - Credit: Detroit Free Press
Chicago Bears - Credit: Detroit Free Press /
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Coaches preach that jobs can be won and lost in training camp. In some years that can ring more true than others. For the Chicago Bears, it does feel as though this is a year where the competition will bring out the best, or at least guide the Bears on how to assemble their depth chart.

The depth chart is wide open in a variety of spots and we will have a much more clear picture in a month’s time. With that in mind, which positions could the job be won and lost?

5. Cornerback

As long as Jaylon Johnson is healthy he is going to assume one of the two outside starting cornerback roles. However, there is a spot opposite of him, and in the slot that could see a variety of options depending on how things go.

The early thought is that Desmond Trufant and Duke Shelley would be the top options for the two respective jobs. However, Kindle Vildor has inside and outside versatility and could step into either role. Artie Burns and Thomas Graham are others in the mix that could help outside and in the slot.

The reality is that the Bears should treat it as open competition and should let whoever of these names perform to get into the lineup. No one from this group, even a veteran like Trufant should be locked in.