Chicago Bears: 3 Ways Justin Fields emulates Russell Wilson

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Chicago Bears QB, Justin Fields and Russell Wilson Similarity No. 1: Dual-threat

Something that Russell Wilson is known for — maybe less now than at the beginning of his career — is his ability to burn a defense with his arm and his legs.

With over 4,500 rushing yards in Wilson’s career, he averages almost 500 rushing yards per season. Now, that’s nothing compared to Lamar Jackson’s near-1,000 yards rushing per season, however, Jackson’s rushing game is more of a focus than a duality. I’m not discrediting Jackson’s arm, however, defenses seem to get burned by his legs more often than not. His 2,214 rushing yards over the last two seasons speaks numbers to that claim.

Now, back to the Russell Wilson-Justin Fields comparison.

While Fields has less production on his legs in stat comparison, the difference between a 16-game (now 17-game) NFL season and a 14-game season followed by an eight-game college football “season” makes quite the difference.

This is all hypothetical, but if Justin Fields were to be playing a 16-game season the last two years at Ohio State, it’s likely he would have similar if not better stats put up than Russell Wilson.

Obviously, there is a difference in competition, but the point is that they’re both able to turn possible losses into gains because of their legs. The fact that Wilson and Fields can seemingly do it at an even rate makes the two near-twins on a football field.

Not only does Fields have 4.44 40-yard dash time (similar to Wilson’s 4.55), but if this Chicago Bears offensive line continues to face adversity regarding depth, Fields might have to rely more on his legs than he did at Ohio State– where he was still considered one of the best dual-threat quarterbacks since Cam Newton.

With the dual-threat ability comparison out of the way, next up is: …