Chicago Bears: 3 Ways Justin Fields emulates Russell Wilson

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Chicago Bears QB, Justin Fields and Russell Wilson Similarity No. 2: Big-play ability

Between Russell Wilson and Justin Fields, the two have made some big-time improvisor-QB throws resulting in big plays. The Chicago Bears know all-too-well of those big-time plays, however, the memories that Bear fans have aren’t from the guy up there in Seattle; they’re from the man up North in Green Bay.

Something that runs through all great quarterbacks is the ability to “make it happen.” Now, what exactly does that mean? It’s having a quarterback that can when in the big moment, do what’s necessary to win a play/drive/game.

When watching Wilson’s game, especially in prime Russ years, he’s made some really big plays.

Whether it be capping the NFC Championship Game comeback against Green Bay– always a Chicago favorite– or any of the other big-time Russ moments, Wilson has written himself into NFL history as being an electric play-maker at his peak, and with what Justin Fields has shown thus far, their ability to shine in the big moments is incredibly similar.

Now, will Fields make a legendary overtime throw against the Green Bay Packers to lead them to a Super Bowl? It’s too early to tell on that one, but if Fields’ college success shows any truth to what his NFL play will look like, there could be some “Let Justin Cook” chants going through all of Chicagoland.

With dual-threat and big-play ability off the board, what’s the third and last comparison between Justin Fields and Russell Wilson?