Chicago Bears: 3 Ways Justin Fields emulates Russell Wilson

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Chicago Bears, QB Justin Fields and Russell Wilson Similarity No. 3: They ‘want to be great’

Another bite of Jimmy Graham’s practice following Thursday’s camp included him saying, “[Justin Fields] wants to be great.”

After saying that, Graham went on to compare it to “the guy up there in Seattle,” being Russell Wilson.

Thankfully for me, Jimmy Graham somewhat made the argument for me, however, I’m still going to add a little bit in case Mr. Graham’s words aren’t convincing to you.

Something that gets brought up often with Justin Fields is his return to the Clemson game after receiving a monster hit.

"“This is a feeling like no other. I know my body is going to be hurting tomorrow morning, but it’s worth it for this win and for my teammates.” – Justin Fields following Clemson game."

As seen in not just this instance, Justin Fields has shown he’s a team-first guy, which is commonly the type of quarterback that is willing to make the sacrifices to be great. Russell Wilson is similar in that aspect.

The two quarterbacks– one with far more NFL experience than the other– are poised to have similar careers when all things are said and done, given they seem to have similar goals in mind on the football field.

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Not just that, but the ways in which they go about achieving those goals are awfully similar, and I can confidently say I’m not alone when I say I’m excited to watch it all pan out.