Chicago Bears: Moves Ryan Pace must make now to save the season

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Nick Foles
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The Chicago Bears need to find a way to trade Nick Foles

Nick Foles came out spitting fire the other day during his press conference. He was also making little to no sense with some of the things he was saying. Was it confidence or arrogance? You can be the judge of that one.

Listening to Nick Foles talk, clearly, the Chicago Bears and Ryan Pace were attempting to move on from Foles this offseason. The problem is that Foles was not making things easy and once teams heard that he did not want to be traded, they moved on. Well, according to Foles, the timing was just not right — whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean. Could it be that the timing is right for him to change teams now?

With Carson Wentz going down with a foot injury that will cause him to miss at least a few games this season, reuniting Nick Foles with his former coach Frank Reich sounds like a very solid plan. With the Chicago Bears being down to five draft picks next season, sending Foles to the Indianapolis Colts for a fifth or sixth-round draft pick seems ideal.

Acquiring another late-round pick is not the main reason Pace needs to make this move though. Sending Foles to another team allows the team to keep another positional player since the team will not likely keep a different third-string quarterback on the active roster. The other reason and the more obvious one, the team can save roughly $4 million dollars in salary cap space.