Chicago Bears: Who is the funniest player on the current roster?

Chicago Bears (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears have been having fun with their players this offseason by setting up a camera sponsored by Invisalign coming off one of their practice fields. The players are usually met with a question of some sort and recently that question was, “who is the funniest player on the team?”.

Although a very small sample size (I tallied 20 votes, three players voted twice and one voted for himself, which really should not count), one player stood out above the rest. His name is Tarik Cohen. That’s right, of the 19 votes I counted, Tarik Cohen came away with six of those votes. He was also talked about the most instead of a player just shouting out a name. For example, David Montgomery had this to say about Cohen:

"Dude funny, bro. Real funny, bro."

Darnell Mooney also said this about Tarik Cohen:

"Tarik Cohen, everybody know that."

Which Chicago Bears players came behind Tarik Cohen in funniest player voting?

Now, if you follow Tarik Cohen on social media, you will quickly understand why he gets the top spot on this team as “funniest player”. It would be interesting to see if he still wins if the entire team had to vote. Akiem Hicks is another player I follow on Twitter and he has had plenty of funny social media responses himself.

I thought for sure that Hicks would walk away as the player with the second-most votes, but I was surprised to see an under-the-radar name instead. Following Cohen in voting with four votes was Josh Woods. Woods himself voted for Cohen, but he obviously has made a stand-up comedy type of impact on some of his teammates.

Hicks came in third, well technically he tied for third, with three votes. The player who tied with him really shocked me because I don’t pick up on a “funny” vibe from him at all. That player was Cody Whitehair. Following them up in voting was Jordan Lucas with two votes and a single vote for Teven Jenkins. Personally, from the little bit of interaction I have seen/had with Teven Jenkins, I think he could push for the top spot come 2022.

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Damien Williams also got a vote too, but he voted for himself which just does not count in my opinion. Here is a summary of the Chicago Bears voting breakdown:

  • Tarik Cohen – 6
  • Josh Woods – 4
  • Akiem Hicks – 3
  • Cody Whitehair – 3
  • Jordan Lucas – 2
  • Teven Jenkins – 1
  • Damien Williams – Self