Chicago Bears: 5 players generating real buzz at training camp

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If you read through much of what’s being written about Chicago Bears training camp over the last couple of days, you are likely to get mixed emotions.

For starters, the Bears have been ravaged on the offensive line. Health is becoming a major issue upfront, with the Bears missing upwards of six or seven offensive linemen at a time over the past few practices.

This storyline has led many to start thinking about the injury to Joe Burrow last year and give reason to the Bears not throwing rookie Justin Fields out there until he is well-protected.

But, it is not all doom and gloom. It’s easy to write that way, but fans shouldn’t read too much into that storyline. As a whole, Bears training camp has been going well and there are tons of positives to be had. In particular, there are some guys who are creating more buzz than others — even ones who haven’t been with the team very long.

Chicago Bears training camp has provided fans with a large number of big plays

Whether it’s been a deep bomb from Fields to a practice squad candidate, Rodney Adams, or a Deon Bush pick leading to the defense celebrating with the newly-coined “turnover bucket,” these Bears are having fun and making big plays.

After an up-and-down offseason, the Bears have quite a few new faces on both sides of the ball. There are some big shoes to fill, and many players are doing a nice job in doing so.

Just in case some fans haven’t been able to make it out to camp, and for those across the world without a way to check-in, let’s take a look at some players generating a lot of buzz recently at training camp.