Chicago Bears: 5 players generating real buzz at training camp

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Justin Fields is creating a real buzz at Chicago Bears training camp

We can’t finish a piece like this without mentioning the most obvious and deserving name. It’s rookie quarterback Justin Fields, obviously.

By every account from media, to coaches, to fans showing up at camp, Fields has looked the part. There is no question the Bears’ future looks incredibly bright with Fields under center. While Andy Dalton has made some good throws here and there, it’s been Fields who has shone the brightest.

During Sunday’s practice, Fields rolled out and made a sidearm throw on the run, hitting wide receiver Riley Ridley for a touchdown. That particular play may have been Fields’ most powerful, telling moment yet in camp. It’s a play that went viral almost immediately.

One particular fan who goes by the name of “@SolcyFlee” on Twitter was there when Fields hit Ridley with the strike that went on to be featured in places like ESPN, The Checkdown, Bleacher Report and more.

Dalton has worked primarily with the ones, with Fields getting time as well. But, Fields has made guys like Rodney Adams look great during training camp, and that’s flat-out impressive.

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The only burning question that’s been valid for months now is when Fields will get his chance to start for the Bears. If camp is an indication, Fields will get his shot sooner than later.