5 Chicago Bears who should flash in joint practices with Dolphins

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Chicago Bears, Justin Fields, Matt Nagy
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3. Justin Fields

This one may be obvious, but all eyes need to be on Justin Fields. To start, when you trade what they did for Fields, every step of his development is huge. Matt Nagy has noted that there are so many differences from college to the NFL so everything is new to him.

So, training camp is new, practice sessions in the NFL are new, and now for the first time, he is seeing a new defense.

Beyond the reality that this is just another check off the box for Fields, this is a chance for Fields to start to gain ground on Andy Dalton.

While the Bears will not force the change from Dalton, every flash play, every time Fields lives up to the moment, and every time he shows confidence and poise while learning is moments where Fields will start to catch Dalton. It could start as soon as this week.