Chicago Bears Preseason: 3 must-watch matchups versus the Dolphins

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Chicago Bears, Justin Fields, Matt Nagy
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It is time for an actual NFL game Chicago Bears fans. We know you have to be as excited as we are about this game. There are so many storylines to keep an eye on with this team right now. Will the offensive line get healthy before the season starts? Will Justin Fields push Andy Dalton for the starting spot? Will the defense return to form now that Sean Desai is running things?

I am getting ahead of myself here. We will have to see those things play out as the offseason continues. However, today the Chicago Bears will face off against the Miami Dolphins in their preseason opener. We need to temper our expectations — especially for the first of the preseason games. No matter if the offense comes out firing on all cylinders or if they struggle, we need to understand that preseason means very little in the grand scheme of things. We probably won’t see many of the starters play much, if even at all.

There is plenty to watch for in this Chicago Bears preseason opener

This does not mean we should not analyze the team. We definitely need to focus on specific players and determine if they can handle their starting spot. We need to focus on what this team can do in certain situations. We need to determine if Matt Nagy has learned from his past mistakes and changes his ways of calling an NFL game. Should we be calling for Bill Lazor to call plays this early in the year? It is possible, but let’s try to remain positive for now.

Instead, let us focus on these three matchups as the Chicago Bears kick off their preseason opener versus the Dolphins.