Chicago Bears Preseason: 3 things Justin Fields must do vs. the Dolphins

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Justin Fields needs to show great ball placement for the Chicago Bears

As I previously mentioned, one of the things that sets great quarterbacks apart from the rest of their peers is the ability to put the ball where they want — especially on anticipation throws. As much as I was (and still am) a fan of Mitch Trubisky, this is one area he struggled with on a consistent basis. His anticipatory throws were usually off target and ended up looking ugly.

Chicago Bears fans will be keeping a close eye on Justin Fields and his ability to put the ball where it needs to go today. Outside of making good decisions, I want to see Fields put the ball where only his receivers can catch it. I want to see Fields lead his receivers and give them the ability to make a play after the catch (another thing Trubisky struggled with at times). I want to see Justin Fields hit on a few deep balls as well.

Even if Justin Fields throws an interception or two, if the rest of his throws are on the money, then I will feel justified in my analysis of Fields prior to the 2021 NFL Draft as the second-best quarterback prospect. I will also feel very excited about what the future holds for this team.