Chicago Bears Preseason: 3 things Justin Fields must do vs. the Dolphins

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Justin Fields must show he has command of the Chicago Bears offense

Finally, I want to see Justin Fields show us that he has a command for the offense. This goes beyond knowing the plays and making the right reads. Although those are extremely important, i want to see Fields making the calls in the huddle with certainty. I don’t want to see wasted timeouts as Fields struggles to get his guys in the correct formations or miscues because he forgets the play. Am I expecting him to make these mistakes? No, not at all.

Everything we have heard from practice is how Justin Fields has been putting players in the right spots or constructively calling them out when they make a mistake on a route. Now, I want to see that translate into an actual game at the NFL level. Throughout his high school and collegiate career, Fields has proven he can handle big moments and I’d expect him to do the same today. His first preseason game is not as big of a stage as say a National title game.

This is when Justin Fields can show how good of a leader he can be as well. If he comes in, shows he has a hold of the offense and can command the huddle, then his players will continue to praise and trust him. Watching him play should be exciting all day.

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It will be interesting to see exactly how much he plays. Will he even have enough time to show us these skills or will Matt Nagy pull him after a quarter of play? Reports are that he could play into the third quarter, but have you seen this offensive line in camp? Maybe it’s time for Nick Foles to play to be traded instead??