Chicago Bears: 2021 NFL Top 100 disrespected Allen Robinson

Chicago Bears (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images) /

Each year the NFL Top 100 comes out, it seems like everyone has their “What?!” moment, as a player they really like gets ranked too low for their liking. Well, the Chicago Bears aren’t any different, as Allen Robinson seems to get overlooked once again.

Well, here’s my story.

Allen Robinson getting ranked No. 87?! What?!

Did the NFL Top 100 rank Chicago Bears wide receiver, Allen Robinson too low?

Now that I’ve done the obligatory overreaction, let’s see what kind of company Allen Robinson has, as he sits far too low at No. 87.

To give you an idea of the players who fall in the range of 81through 90 — the home that Allen Robinson built apparently — here you go:

  • No. 90: Jessie Bates
    • Last year’s rating: N/A (Rookie)
  • No. 89: Tristan Wirfs
    • Last year’s rating: N/A (Rookie)
  • No. 88: Shaquil Barrett
    • Last year’s rating: 32
  • No. 87: Allen Robinson
    • Last year’s rating: 93
  • No. 86: Marshon Lattimore
    • Last year’s rating: 76
  • No. 85: Zack Martin
    • Last year’s rating: 55
  • No. 84: Leonard Williams
    • Last year’s rating: N/A (First NFL Top 100)
  • No. 83: Ryan Tannehill
    • Last year’s rating: 68
  • No. 82: Garett Bolles
    • Last year’s rating: N/A (Rookie)
  • No. 81: Chris Godwin
    • Last year’s rating: 38

I think even the most novice NFL fans would be surprised to see Robinson — who finished third in targets (150), fourth in receptions (102), eighth in receiving yards (1,250) and tied for 21st in receiving TDs (6) — among this group of players. No knock on them at all, as I’ve actually said that if Allen Robinson leaves next season, I’d be all for going after Chris Godwin.

But that’s beside the point.

Allen Robinson is often overlooked as being one of the league’s best, but for him to not even crack the top 70-ish players is completely bananas in my opinion. Allen Robinson is arguably within most top-10 wide receivers lists, and yet he barely cracked the NFL Top 100 last year, as he was ranked 93rd. I guess seeing an increase of six spots is something, but it almost seems like being handed an NVP.

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If you look at the remaining players in the top 41, as that’s all that’s released as of now, there are a handful — and I mean a handful of players that aren’t at Allen Robinson’s level. Sometimes, it’s hard to rate player-to-player when they play different positions, but to put rookie linemen above Allen Robinson seems like kind of a dig.

And even though Robinson gets consistently overlooked, he consistently performs time and time again.