Chicago Bears: 4 Players whose stock went up vs. Dolphins

Chicago Bears - Credit: Eileen T. Meslar-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Eileen T. Meslar-USA TODAY Sports /
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Chicago Bears, Andy Dalton
Chicago Bears – Credit: Eileen T. Meslar-USA TODAY Sports /

We are one game into the preseason and the Chicago Bears are 1-0 after defeating the Miami Dolphins. The game started out slowly as the first-team offense struggled and the team did not see a first down until late in the second quarter. Then, it seems like the floodgates opened as Justin Fields settled in.

The Chicago Bears scored 20 unanswered points to win 20-13 over the Dolphins. Andy Dalton finished the game by completing only two of four passes. In his defense, he hardly played as he saw two series and went three-and-out both times. The defense could not seem to get off the field but held the Dolphins to only six points despite driving downfield three times.

The Chicago Bears had a few players stand out enough to see their stock rise

If we were to be grading the three quarterbacks in this game, Justin Fields won by a landslide while Nick Foles looked so bad he should have to carry the rookie quarterback’s shoulder pads and helmet for a week. Andy Dalton looked like his normal self by completing 50 percent of his attempts and throwing two incompletions into some pretty tight coverage. At this point, Dalton is the player we always knew he was and Fileds should get some reps with the ones in practice.

Justin Fields was not the only player to stand out though. In fact, there is a decent size notable mentions section because that many guys made an impact. There were probably even more, but these four passed my eye test. Add in the notable mentions section and I am shockingly, although hesitantly, excited for what this team can do this season.