Chicago Bears: 4 Players whose stock dropped vs. Dolphins

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Chicago Bears Players Whose Stock Fell: Nick Foles

Here we are again. Another player whose stock is already so low, that it’s amazing it could get any lower. Nick Foles talked about how he was going to shred the third-string defense a few weeks ago. Well, he looked absolutely awful versus the Dolphins’ third-stringers. It is hard to imagine a third-string quarterback’s stock dropping, but based on his performance, that is exactly what happened.

The hope for Ryan Pace with Nick Foles was that he would show enough during the preseason that he’d build up his trade value. Not only did he not build up his trade value, but he also played so bad that he actually hurt his trade value. All of the rumors of teams calling the Chicago Bears this offseason to see what it would take to trade for Foles won’t matter even if those teams suffer a tragic injury to their starting quarterback.

Look at what is going on with the Indianapolis Colts right now. Although it sounds like Carson Wentz should be back relatively early in the season with the possibility of actually starting Week 1. Wentz suffered a foot injury that required surgery. Reports were that he’d miss five to 12 weeks. All signs are pointing towards it being closer to the five-week mark.