Chicago Bears: Andy Dalton’s ‘my time’ not good enough

Chicago Bears - Credit: Eileen T. Meslar-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Eileen T. Meslar-USA TODAY Sports /

The Chicago Bears just had their “expletive” handed to them by the Buffalo Bills in a 41-15 loss. This was an ugly game all around minus a few players who stood out. One player who did not stand out was Andy Dalton. Dalton is tired of hearing questions from reporters about Justin Fields. He knows he is the starting quarterback and he believes that his focus needs to be on winning games for the Chicago Bears, not worrying about when Justin Fields is going to play.

In a recent press conference, Andy Dalton talked about how Justin Fields will have his time and he will have a nice career, but said he cannot focus on that because this is “my time”. Well, after an excellent Preseason Week 1 performance by Justin Fields, Matt Nagy wanted to give Andy Dalton more opportunities and reps in the second preseason game versus the Bills. Let’s just say, Andy Dalton’s “my time” is not good enough and Matt Nagy has to see the difference here.

The Chicago Bears must play Justin Fields over Andy Dalton

Rather than seeing Josh Allen versus Andy Dalton and Mitch Trubisky versus Justin Fields, we all got to watch Dalton versus Trubisky. Well, Trubisky dominated the Chicago Bears defense while Dalton led the offense to absolutely nothing. Outside of a 73-yard touchdown pass that was more about receiver, Rodney Adams making a great grab while staying on his feet, Dalton did nothing to excite me once again.

Andy Dalton saw his reps increase as he played the first half, but he did nothing with his time on the field. At one point, this is what the offense accomplished with Andy Dalton at the helm:

Yuck. Although Justin Fields did not add too many points to the scoreboard during his time, Dalton has literally shown us nothing whereas Justin Fields looks elite while being surrounded by mediocrity. The offensive line is in shambles all around, but at least Fields can give the offensive line bailouts with his legs. Andy Dalton does not have that ability. He isn’t a statue, but he is not one of the fastest quarterbacks in the league either.

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We have one more preseason game left to watch this situation unfold, but I can tell you that Andy Dalton is not it. Hell, my 92-year-old grandmother who doesn’t even watch football could tell you that Andy Dalton is not it. Justin Fields on the other hand — he has that “it” factor and needs to be under center versus the Rams come Week 1. This game proves it as Dalton continues to prove “my time” is the “wrong time”, while Justin Fields’ time should be now.