Chicago Bears: 3 big lies from preseason loss to Buffalo Bills

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As they say, it’s only preseason. However, the Chicago Bears should not have felt great leaving Soldier Field on Saturday afternoon. Chicago was drubbed in their second preseason outing, losing to the Buffalo Bills 41-15.

From the get-go, Bears fans saw former Chicago quarterback Mitchell Trubisky carve up their first-team defense and lead multiple scoring drives. Now, we’ll get to the details of Trubisky’s performance a little later — it wasn’t as glamorous as some folks lead you to believe.

Now, as for the Bears’ side of things, it surely wasn’t pretty. The biggest concerns should lie up front on the offensive line and in their special teams. Contrary to many immediate reactions, the Bears’ defense shouldn’t be a concern. Again, that’s something we will touch on a bit later.

The overreactions are coming in fast and furious after this loss, as they typically do in Chicago sports. But, it wasn’t all bad.

Be careful not to believe all the headlines you read about the Chicago Bears’ loss to Buffalo.

Before we get into some of the lies that headlines are telling after this one, let’s highlight a couple of guys who deserve it.

Wide receiver Rodney Adams saw his wife give birth the night before the game. He slept at the hospital and drove straight to Soldier Field to suit up the morning after he became a first-time dad. He then went on to catch a long touchdown, celebrating by rocking the ball in his arms to honor his little girl.

For the second week in a row, seventh-round rookie Khyiris Tonga was one of the stars on defense. His presence up front is so noticeable every time he’s on the field. The Bears truly stole him late in the draft and have two capable nose tackles now between him and Eddie Goldman.

Undrafted rookie linebacker Caleb Johnson also came up with a pair of fumble recoveries, doing his best to remain on this team and make a case for the practice squad.

Now, for the aspects of this game, everyone is talking about which seem to be highly deceiving.