Chicago Bears: 3 big lies from preseason loss to Buffalo Bills

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Chicago Bears, Andy Dalton
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Chicago Bears quarterback Andy Dalton’s performance was deceiving

If you looked at the box score, you would assume that starting quarterback Andy Dalton was the better passer in this one. Dalton finished 11-of-17 for 146 yards with one touchdown and one interception.

With a closer look, though, one can easily see that Dalton was anything but the best quarterback on the field Saturday. For starters, his 73-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Rodney Adams came because of a phenomenal play made by Adams.

That touchdown was exactly half of his passing yardage for the game and was the first real movement the Bears’ offense had all game with Dalton under center. Prior to that score, Dalton and the offense had engineered just one first down in five series.

Take away that touchdown, and Dalton was just 10-for-16 for 73 yards and a pick. Now, to be fair, the interception came because Dalton’s receiver (Adams again) tripped and fell down during his route, so it was an easy pick for the defense. After that interception, the boo birds came flying. But, again, we have to be fair. It wasn’t on Dalton.

Now, in the other aspect of the quarterback differences in Chicago, Dalton’s lack of mobility was on display as well. With the Bears’ starting offensive line the way it is, Dalton was under pressure a few times and each time, he didn’t have the ability to get away from it and make a play. Fans were left wondering if that was Fields in there, what could have happened?

It was blatantly obvious how much less exciting and dynamic the offense was with Dalton on the field. Don’t believe the box score. Dalton was less than impressive.