Chicago Bears: 3 big lies from preseason loss to Buffalo Bills

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Mitch Trubisky’s performance against the Chicago Bears was misleading

All of the headlines following the Bills’ win included things like, “Trubisky lights up Bears,” or “Mitch Trubisky torches former team.” Most big outlets like ESPN and Bleacher Report gave a lot of unneeded credit to the former Bears quarterback.

To be fair, Trubisky did make a couple of nice throws, including his touchdown pass to Jake Kumerow. It was on the money. But, Trubisky had extremely smooth sledding for most of the game.

Those fans who are concerned about the defense after this one should take a step back from the ledge. The majority of Trubisky’s completions came across the middle or via dump-offs, and all of them were left wide open — without exaggeration.

New defensive coordinator Sean Desai is a disciple of Vic Fangio, so we need to remember how that looks in the preseason. Bears fans might remember that Fangio refused to show any of his cards in the preseason, so his defense was extremely vanilla. Fangio always wanted to see what kind of pressure his front could create but also allowed a lot of stuff over the middle.

Desai seems to be acting similarly. The Bears consistently left the middle of the field wide open. Don’t think Desai didn’t realize that. No matter what is said or written, keep this in mind: Desai wasn’t about to show any of his cards on film before the regular season began. Therefore, everything over the middle was right there for Trubisky. Easy completion after easy completion, Trubisky continued to rack up short gains.

There is a reason even Dalton averaged more yards per attempt than Trubisky in this game.

After a little while, Trubisky attempted a deep pass down the right sideline. The pass sailed five to seven yards ahead of the receiver, which was no surprise to Bears fans.

Just in case Bears fans were frustrated overseeing so many completions from Trubisky, he reminded us all who he really was. Sure, it was a nice confidence builder for the fifth-year quarterback. But, nothing jumped off the screen as truly impressive. The Bears’ defense allowed just about everything easy for Trubisky. When the regular season comes around, that type of caution will change.