Chicago Bears: Is Matt Nagy more of a problem or a solution?

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There have been clues to decipher regarding Matt Nagy and the Chicago Bears

We do know that based on both verbal and non-verbal cues last season from Nick Foles that he does not respect Matt Nagy. A couple of times during press conferences Trubisky made the comment that we need to continue to trust the system. This implied that some of his teammates might not have trusted Nagy’s offensive system and seemingly that also included Trubisky himself.

Before the preseason started Nagy admitted he needed to get better. He implied in some statements there was a lack of communication between himself and Trubisky. I interpret that as Nagy saying Trubisky wanted to do some things differently but Trubisky held back pushing hard for any changes in the offense.

Now, here we are a few weeks away from the first game of the Bears season, and it is quite possible though not certain that the strong connection Matt Nagy has had to his players has been weakened since last season. Some possible evidence of this was on August 17th while players were doing stretches, Akiem Hicks walked off the field and left in his car.

As this was happening Nagy had an animated conversation with one of his coaches. We don’t know if this was about money or not with Hicks. What we do know is that Hicks did not fear his head coach enough that he stopped himself from making a scene and embarrassing Matt Nagy in front of the whole team by storming off. [Editor’s note: We have no inside information on what took place with Hicks in practice – this is pure speculation as Nagy would not discuss it]