Chicago Bears: Matt Nagy continues to show incompetence

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Chicago Bears - Mandatory Credit: Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports /
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Chicago Bears hurt by Matt Nagy: Mitch Trubisky showed that coaching matters

This past Saturday, Mitch Trubisky looked more comfortable in the pocket than he ever did when he was on the Bears. He showed poise, escapability, and command in the pocket to make plenty of accurate throws. Trubisky threw his wide receivers open and looked incredibly impressive.

Brian Daboll hasn’t even had him a full season and it looks like he’s done more for Trubisky than Matt Nagy ever did. It wasn’t like they ran a “vanilla offense” either as Trubisky threw the ball 28 times and they hardly ran it. The Bills ran mainly shotgun with Run-Pass Options and plenty of quick throws and hurry-up offense.

The offense looked exactly like what Bears fans have been begging Nagy to run for the past two seasons. Instead, Nagy continued to try and run his weak schemes and horrible play calling and force Trubisky to fit it. Daboll, on the other hand, continues to show what makes him such a great coach by making his quarterbacks look lights out.

Hopefully, the Bears were paying attention to this game, and they saw the team across the field. This should have been a tryout for the man running the Bills offense. The way Daboll helped Allen become the player he is should be a priority for naming him head coach next season.