Chicago Bears: Matt Nagy continues to show incompetence

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Chicago Bears - Mandatory Credit: Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports /
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Chicago Bears, Andy Dalton
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Chicago Bears hurt by Matt Nagy: Andy Dalton played way too much

This isn’t a knock on Andy Dalton. I think he is a fine quarterback additionally hindered by his incompetent coach running the offense. A ten-year veteran quarterback should not play an entire half in a preseason game when the Bears have a first-round rookie.

What’s a good comparison? The Houston Texans. Tyrod Taylor has thrown nine total passes this preseason despite joining a new team. On the other hand, their young rookie quarterback has been playing the majority of the time. How about the New England Patriots? Cam Newton hasn’t thrown double-digit passes yet in a preseason game.

Let’s make this even worse. Matt Nagy even said that this preseason means nothing to the quarterback competition and they need to see Dalton in the regular season. So, I have to ask: why is Dalton playing then? It doesn’t mean anything. It’s not like he can develop chemistry with his starters as Allen Robinson and Marquise Goodwin aren’t playing. David Montgomery has played one snap all of the preseason as well.

Why on earth would you not let your rookie play basically the entire second quarter and the majority of the fourth quarter? It’s not like Nick Foles needs practice either. He’s a veteran as well. Fields should be getting as much experience as possible.