5 winners from Chicago Bears 2nd preseason game

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /
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There is not much that came from the Chicago Bears loss to the Buffalo Bills that leaves fans feeling good, other than that this game was preseason. Still, to lose like that means your depth has serious issues. In an effort to focus on the positive, we did find five players who are sitting in a better spot on the roster than they were a few days ago.

5. Germain Ifedi and Jason Peters

Yes, two guys who wore sweats and stood on the sidelines were some of the biggest winners. The reality is that the Chicago Bears do not just need these two, they are desperate for these two because without them they have serious issues on the line.

Elijah Wilkinson was a veteran from Denver who was supposed to be a potential placeholder at either left or right tackle. The Bears swiftly signed Jason Peters when they realized Teven Jenkins was not going to send Wilkinson to the bench.

All talk of Wilkinson competing to start at right tackle was thrown out the window after back-to-back poor performances, albeit both on the left side.

Lachavious Simmons has been getting the valuable reps at RT, and while he has grown, his starting point was rather low, and it is fair to say he will not be starting soon. The Bears need to bubble wrap Ifedi and Peters two and get them to the preseason healthy.