3 surprise Chicago Bears who could be headed to Practice Squad

Chicago Bears - Credit: Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports /
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Every year fans will fall for their favorite sleeper to make the roster in training camp. They will assume that there is no way that they can pass through waivers to the practice squad without realizing that every fan base has one or two players in the same spot. More often than not we see that player find his way to the practice squad. The Chicago Bears always have their fair share of these players.

Who are those players this year?

Charles Snowden

Charles Snowden has quickly became the fan favorite UDFA. It is fair that many across the scouting industry tabbed Snowden to get drafted off of his size alone. However, the long armed edge rusher is a bit of a tweener with his size, and with questions around his profile he went undrafted.

It is not often a player that every team passes on to the point of being a UDFA then gets claimed to make the roster of another team. However, fans are worried that Snowden will be this one exception. Still, these other teams have not tracked his progress, and his size, and they do not know the Bears plans for him to gain weight. Snowden fell to UDFA because there is a project aspect to him and he is a long term bet. That means a year on the practice squad.