Chicago Bears: 4 Players whose stock went up vs. Bills

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Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
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Chicago Bears Players Whose Stock Rose: Justin Fields

Justin Fields is back, although I am not sure if you can say someone’s stock rose when they are not being given the chance to start. Justin Fields’ stat sheet did not look like much, in fact, it was worse than mediocre, but the stat sheet does not tell the full story.

If we look at the stat sheet, Justin Fields only completed nine of 19 passes for a completion percentage of 47.4%. This is a far cry from what the rookie accomplished versus the Dolphins when he led the team to a field goal right before the half and then added two touchdowns in the second half before handing the ball off to Nick Foles to finish the game. Fields also did not score any points in the second preseason game versus the Bills, but he didn’t turn it over either.

Justin Fields’ teammates did not do him any favors in this game. There were easily a few drops that could have helped pad Fields’ stat sheet and the ball was put on the money most of those throws. Not to mention how often he had pressure in his face. Offensive line depth is looking to be a huge problem once again.

Justin Fields is not actually on this list because he played lights-out football. Instead, he is mostly on this list because he looked good enough, despite the stats not writing that storyline and Andy Dalton looked meh again despite getting plenty of reps this game.

Dalton’s stats were also misleading as he finished with a 64.7 percent completion percentage, 146 yards passing on 17 passes, one touchdown and an interception. The thing is, exactly half of his yards and the touchdown came on one pass that I give 90 percent of the credit to wide receiver Rodney Adams. The bottom line is that Matt Nagy is continuing to prove his incompetence and is choosing the wrong quarterback to start versus the Rams.