Chicago Bears: Who should start at QB according to Steve Young and Warren Moon

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Solid insightful perspectives have been recently provided by both Steve Young and Warren Moon on who should be the starting quarterback in the early part of the 2021 season for the Chicago Bears. On the other hand, the vast majority of Bears fans have not been remotely satisfied with the explanations given by Matt Nagy as to why Andy Dalton will start for the Bears in the first game of this season.

This is a far more complicated decision than most Bears fans want to admit it is. When the trickiest issues regarding quarterbacks are on the table, my go-to move is to look to former quarterbacks for answers. They have proven to me that they have the most capacity to give the most substantial answers to difficult QB questions.

Steve Young and Warren Moon give insights into Chicago Bears QB situation

Both Steve Young and Warren Moon have the perfect backgrounds to address this particular QB conundrum. They are uniquely qualified to identify the most important factors that would lead to making the best possible choice in this multi-layered complex decision. Young is smart and articulate. He played for Bill Walsh, who truly earned the right to be called a football genius.

An interesting side note is that in 1975, Walsh was interviewed to be the Bears head coach but the “genius” Jim Finks instead chose Jack Pardee over the brilliant Bill Walsh. What is unique about him in this matter is that Young started his professional career by being an immediate starter as a rookie QB in the USFL. On top of that, three years later, before starting a game for the Niners, he sat on the bench for four years behind the great Joe Montana.

Steve Young, explained on ESPN’s NFL Countdown that Nagy would be taking a couple of big risks by starting Fields over Dalton for the first game of this season. Number one, Nagy failed with Mitch Trubisky so, most definitely, he needs to avoid another failure in developing a first-round rookie quarterback. This sets up Nagy to understandably take a conservative approach because his coaching career is very much at stake.