Chicago Bears: Who should start at QB according to Steve Young and Warren Moon

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Chicago Bears, Booger McFarland
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Justin Fields’ lack of experience is a big factor in who starts for the Chicago Bears

In the same segment of NFL Countdown where Steve Young discussed the Bears QB situation, a former defensive player from the trenches, Booger McFarland, also gives us a vital insight. Booger points out that on the play when a Bills defender almost took off Justin Fields’ head, the Bears rookie quarterback made a dangerous rookie mistake.

An experienced quarterback would have been cognizant that his right side was vulnerable to a big-time pass rush based on the blocking scheme of the play. However, Fields ignored his right side and only looked left post-snap.

This mistake could have, easily, made the question of who should be the Bears’ starting quarterback, a moot point as Fields could have been badly injured. In this play, Fields did not at all see the pass rusher who, brutally, went helmet-to-helmet with the Bears QB hard enough that Fields helmet went flying off of his head.

This play lends itself to imagining how bad things could get if Fields started the season against what is believed to be the best defense in the NFL led by that well-known QB wrecker, Aaron Donald. Playing his first regular-season game against a scary Rams defense seems to be just asking for trouble, probably, big trouble.

It could get, especially, ugly if at any point the Rams offense led by head coach Sean McVay and now Matthew Stafford as their QB gives their defense a big lead to work with. Then the Rams front line could put some very serious heat on Fields because they won’t have to be too concerned with the Bears running the ball.

Two games later, Justin Fields would have to face off against the Browns defense in Cleveland. They have a top-ten defense and the potential for a very good offense as well. Their defense includes a couple of big, strong and talented pass rushers in Myles Garrett and Jadeveon Clowney.

The Bears would be taking on a big risk for the youthful, yet very confident Justin Fields to get a good-sized dent put into his confidence by taking on these two hungry in-your-face defenses at the very onset of his professional career. Remember this advice to give Nagy some room to develop Fields is coming from a Hall of Fame (HOF) and three-time Super Bowl winner.