Chicago Bears: Who should start at QB according to Steve Young and Warren Moon

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Warren Moon weighs in on the Chicago Bears quarterback situation

Next up we have HOF quarterback Warren Moon covering similar ground. Moon was a smart quarterback who was renowned for his consistently tight spirals. He is also uniquely qualified to provide insights into this QB conundrum. In the CFL he started as a rookie and is also in the CFL HOF. Moon mentored Cam Newton when Newton started as a rookie for the Panthers.

Bears beat writer for Chicago ESPN radio, Jeff Dickerson interviewed Moon on the air. This is what he said, “I would much rather want my rookie quarterback to sit and watch and learn. Just kind of see what the differences in the game are from the sideline. Even though you don’t get much better watching from the sideline, you do still learn things.”

Circling back to Booger McFarland explaining how Justin Fields’ inexperience caused a nasty QB takedown puts an exclamation point on why Moon wants to hold off on starting Fields. As Moon said there are some important things Fields can learn by watching on the sidelines. Surely, making many mental notes of how to avoid getting, absolutely, hammered by a pass rusher among other important lessons would be included in what Warren Moon wants Justin Fields to learn before he starts an NFL Game.

Moon was also asked about what might get Nagy to replace Dalton with Fields. His answer converges with the concerns Steve Young warned us about only from a different angle. Moon replied, “When you’re losing ballgames. If Andy Dalton is not playing well and the team is losing and the team is not following Andy as their leader that might be the time to make that change.

I think if they wanted Justin Fields to start the season, they could but I think it’s better if he sits and waits. I think the longer he waits it’s just better for him. If the team gets off to a terrible start like they have a very tough schedule to start the season. If they end up being 1-3 or 0-4, maybe it’s time to make that change really early because you don’t want to lose the football team, completely.”