Chicago Bears: Can Matt Nagy adapt to the always changing NFL?

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Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy: Adjusting to personnel

Matt Nagy’s stubbornness can also be seen in how he deals with his own players. He has a particular type of offense he wants to run; what he’s struggled to grasp is not every player is a perfect fit for his offense. Generally speaking, coaches adjust their offenses to accommodate their players, but instead, Nagy has tried to adjust his players to accommodate his offense.

Matt Nagy made the Mitch Trubisky situation worse than it needed to be

I understand that Mitch Trubisky didn’t help Nagy’s situation. Having a quarterback that isn’t very good makes it very difficult for a head coach and play-caller. However, it’s still the coach’s job to get the most out of his players, and it felt like Nagy did the exact opposite. Nagy’s offense didn’t cater to Trubisky’s strengths, but Nagy refused to change it.

When Matt Nagy temporarily gave up play-calling responsibilities late last season, Trubisky, as well as the entire Chicago Bears offense, played really well. Offensive coordinator Bill Lazor was able to integrate an offense that employed more power running and play-action roll-outs.

This shows that despite the lack of talent Chicago has had on offense, many of the players were capable of playing better if used properly in Nagy’s system. 2020 wasn’t a great year for any Nagy supporters. It seemed like the less he did, the better the team played.