Chicago Bears are following this recipe for disaster in 2021

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Chicago Bears - Matt Nagy
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Chicago Bears 2021 Recipe: Matt Nagy’s rough preseason

Matt Nagy is taking a lot of heat this offseason and is one of the biggest names on the hot seat. This has been an ongoing thing with Nagy and the Chicago Bears, yet he still manages to sneak more and more chances. The NFL has always been “what have you done for me lately” and Matt Nagy has failed to do anything the last two seasons.

Besides in 2018, the Chicago Bears have been the definition of average. The Bears were so quick to put all the blame on Mitch Trubisky when maybe that wasn’t all the case (Not defending Trubisky’s play on the Bears).

The Bears lose to the Bills 41-15

What Trubisky did against the Bears’ first-team defense was poetic justice. I was never the biggest Trubisky fan, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize the Bears’ number one problem is the head coach. Not only did the Bills put up 41 points, but they also managed to do it without top receiver Stefon Diggs and always reliable Cole Beasley.

I don’t mean anything personal towards Matt Nagy but sooner or later you’ve got to open your eyes. The more chances Nagy gets, the more likely he will put us farther behind. The 2018 Coach of the Year ended up being a massive fraud and is continuing to sink the Bears’ ship while he is still here.

A real eye-roller // Nagy benched Mitch Trubisky for Nick Foles last season and Foles was the official QB1. Now, the Bears have to trade Foles or get stuck overpaying for a third-string QB.