Chicago Bears are following this recipe for disaster in 2021

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Chicago Bears - Justin Fields
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Chicago Bears 2021 Recipe: Justin Fields gets his “welcome to the NFL” moment

We all saw Fields get absolutely rocked in the 4th quarter last week. At this point, the Bears were down 41-6. Why in the world would you Nagy continue to leave him in? That to me looks like the Bears were trying to tack on a few extra points, in hopes of making the loss not look as bad. I could be completely wrong but when a head coach is in the hot seat, they are capable of pulling anything.

We’ve all watched the preseason games. Justin Fields is undisputedly the best QB on the roster, but that doesn’t mean he should be starting anytime soon.

The Chicago Bears don’t have an easy schedule by any means this season. Just through week 11, the Bears will face four of the top five defenses in the NFL (Rams Week 1, Browns Week 3, Buccaneers Week 7, and Ravens Week 11).

This just screams disaster for the Bears and their No. 1 offense.

What’s really nerve-racking, is that Matt Nagy is more than likely going to rush Justin Fields. I say this because Matt Nagy is already on the hot seat. It’s only been a couple of drives, but the Bear’s offense looks the exact same as it has been the last three seasons. Nagy will get desperate with so many people calling for his job, that he might have no choice but to put in fields for the sake of his coaching career.

I wasn’t sure at first, but after seeing Fields play, I see all the potential in the world. I haven’t been this excited for a Bears QB in a long time, but that doesn’t mean the Bears shouldn’t play it safe. If last week’s hit showed us anything, it’s that the Chicago Bears need to be extremely cautious with Justin Fields.