Chicago Bears: 3 Players whose stock went up versus Titans

Chicago Bears,(Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears,(Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears Player Whose Stock Went Up: Nick Foles

It was great to watch Nick Foles look like the quarterback we knew in the past. His performance against the Titans was precise and he looked sharp in his throws and reads. He played the entire second half and threw two touchdown passes, both to Jesper Horsted.

Foles is still the QB3 on the depth chart, but he did raise his stock in terms of trade bait. The Bears have been looking to move Foles throughout the offseason, which is something that would benefit both sides. Foles could be a quality backup for many teams, especially ones with a young starter that could use some experience in their ear. Coming off of last year where he did not perform well, along with his somewhat large contract for this year, teams have been hesitant to give up assets to bring him in.

Now that he showed he is still sharp and can be a serviceable backup, there is a better chance the Bears find a suitable trade partner to get Foles’ contract off the books and give him a shot to see more playing time than he would in Chicago. His experience and leadership skills are much needed by many teams, especially with how many injuries there have been over recent years.

Nick Foles had himself a solid camp and preseason, and although he probably will not start another game for the Chicago Bears, he raised his stock enough to possibly be enticing for teams to trade for.