Chicago Bears: Predicting the offensive depth chart for Week 1

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The Chicago Bears are up against the clock just as every other team in the NFL. Teams need to cut their rosters down to 53 before tomorrow at 4:00 pm. Not many changes are likely to take place at the top of the roster, but we could see some surprise cuts towards the backend of the depth chart.

Right now, the biggest concern is still the offensive line — more specifically the offensive tackle spots. Behind the offensive line is the cornerback position. The quarterback position is locked in, but could we see a shift as the Chicago Bears hopefully move on from Nick Foles. The team does not have the salary cap space or the depth to hold a third quarterback on the active roster. Trade Foles, free up a little money, sign another offensive tackle (Russell Okung anyone?) and be better.

We will do our best to keep track of all of the roster moves over the next two days. There will be plenty coming as more than 25 players will need to find new homes, hope to make the practice squad or look at a new profession for a few months before they try again next offseason.

The Chicago Bears depth chart should be fairly easy to predict

With many players locked into their roster spots heading into the final preseason game versus the Titans, only the backend of the roster seems to be up for grabs. I do not expect too many surprise cuts this offseason. There are a few fan favorites (Ryan Nall for example) who I don’ t think find their way onto the team, but they really shouldn’t be making it based on performance.

We are going to look at each position on the offensive side of the ball to start. We will look at the defensive side of the ball next. I will be going position by position and breaking down not only which players will be sticking around, but in what order they will be ranked on the depth chart come Week 1 of the regular season.