Chicago Bears: Comparing Justin Fields preseason to other rookie QBs

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As the regular season is nearly underway, we take a look at how each of the rookie quarterbacks taken in the first round look in their new homes. We then compare how each did versus how Justin Fields performed for the Chicago Bears.

The 2021 draft was headlined by one of the best quarterback classes in recent memory. A quarterback was selected with each of the first three picks and five went in the top 15. Now, these five quarterbacks will forever be linked together for the rest of their careers for better or worse. To this day, people still debate who should’ve been taken first in the 2004 draft between Eli Manning, Phillip Rivers, and Ben Roethlisberger. We cannot forget how Mitch Trubisky is negatively linked to Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes too.

Chicago Bears Rookie Draft Comparison: Justin Fields controversial fall

After being seen as the clear number two prospect behind Trevor Lawrence entering the season, Justin Fields saw his draft stock fall outside of the top ten and became the fourth quarterback off the board. Scouts cited his inconsistency in 2020 and tendency to hold onto the ball for too long as reasons for the slide, while others were baffled that a quarterback so talented could slide so far.

Many fans questioned if players from smaller conferences like Zach Wilson or Trey Lance should’ve been taken over a player who torched the Big Ten for the last two seasons. Although it is far too soon to know the answer, that doesn’t mean the comparisons haven’t already started.

Does the preseason really matter?

Preseason football is the first NFL action these rookie quarterbacks will see, but how much do these games really mean for a player’s career? Many of the rookies aren’t even taking snaps with the starters, and they take limited reps.  In the grand scheme of things, preseason performance isn’t always the best indicator of career success, but it is still interesting to see how these young quarterbacks are transitioning to the professional level.