Chicago Bears: Comparing Justin Fields preseason to other rookie QBs

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Chicago Bears Rookie Preseason Comparison: Zach Wilson

New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson’s preseason play was good enough to silence the doubters for now. After struggling in the early stages of training camp, many fans were worried about how the second overall pick would fair in the preseason. Wilson was able to shut down most of those concerns, having one the best preseasons of the rookie quarterbacks.

In his two games of preseason action, Wilson completed 15-20 passes for 191 yards and two touchdowns. He made very few mistakes and was able to make plays from a clean pocket as well as under pressure. Wilson’s play earned praise from many, including Packers star quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Unlike the other rookies, Wilson didn’t have another viable quarterback option on his team, so there was a lot more pressure on him to look the part in the preseason. Playing college football at BYU, Wilson lacks the experience against high-level competition that some of the other rookies like Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields, and Mac Jones have.

It will be interesting to see if he looks as comfortable playing in the regular season. 20 passes is a fairly limited sample size to go off of, but Wilson’s play this preseason was pretty encouraging.