Chicago Bears: 3 potential surprise roster cuts before the deadline

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Chicago Bears - Credit: Steve Roberts-USA TODAY Sports /
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Chicago Bears Surprise Cut Candidate: Duke Shelley

It is possible that none of these three are a surprise to you, but I guarantee that there are plenty of others out there who would be shocked to see any of these three go when looking at the overall picture. Cutting Andy Dalton and/or Nick Foles is out of the question, so just stop that nonsense now. The only name that makes sense from a business standpoint that I wanted to include on this list but I’m not because I just do not see it happening is Jimmy Graham.

Duke Shelley on the other hand is on my cut list. I’ve seen enough of him and honestly if the team were to cut Elijah Wilkinson, then cutting Duke Shelley can offset some of that dead cap. Shelley is due $881,960 this season, but if the Chicago Bears were to cut him, they’d only owe him $63,920.

Nothing that I have seen from Duke Shelley this season makes me think he is worth keeping on the roster. Thomas Graham, Jr. has more upside and I’d prefer he be the one to get the roster spot. I saw the same things from Shelley this offseason as I’ve seen every offseason and even during the two games he played in last year. He allows too much separation.

He may get the tackle, which is better than allowing a big touchdown, but when you allow over 80 percent of passes to be completed while targeted, that’s not a good sign. This should be the last we should see of Shelley in a Chicago Bears uniform.