Could Chicago Bears bring Desmond Trufant back?

Chicago Bears - Credit: Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports /

The biggest surprise from the Chicago Bear making their initial roster cuts was that Desmond Trufant did not make the initial 53-man roster. Coming into camp Bears fans thought that Trufant would be their starter, so to see him cut was out of the blue. However, once the context is added this is no surprise.

So, Trufant has been away from the team for the past two weeks or so. The Bears may not have even known when he was going to return. With that in mind, they had to make the move and keep the players that they knew would be there.

However, the end of the tweet from Schefter has to be worth looking into. To start, Trufant is making is $3.5M this year from the Lions, which may speak to why he is not in a hurry to get back to work while helping his family.

On top of that, he does want to continue playing. With that in mind, when he and his family believe that he is ready to return to the football field, there still could be a chance for a reunion.

The Bears are obviously disappointed that things did not work out but have to understand that Trufant did not turn his back on his team, but rather gave full support to his family. They could respect that.

With that said, the Bears obviously had an interest in Trufant the player because they signed him this offseason and gave him the time to come back all the way up until the cut-down day.

Beyond that, the Bears clearly have issues at cornerback. The team currently has four corners signed, and all of them are very inexperienced. The team is likely to be fishing the waiver wire to add a cornerback as you read this.

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With that in mind, if Trufant is ready to come back, who is to say that they do not have a spot waiting for him? They have a spot quite literally right now, and even if they fill it, there is a chance that Trufant would be a better option in a few weeks.

While the start of the Trufant era did not go as expected, it may not be the end of his time in Chicago. We will have to stay tuned.