Danny Trevathan extension has been disaster for Chicago Bears from the start

Chicago Bears (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

Nobody is going to say revisionist history. When the Chicago Bears extended Danny Trevathan in 2020, it raised eyebrows from most, if not everybody. Do not be mistaken, the fanbase has loved Danny Trevathan, but the feeling was that his time was up.

Trevathan could not stay healthy and was at the age of 30 when he was due for new money. Paying an injured and aging veteran at a position like a linebacker is risky, and the Bears have been good at letting injured players walk and being on the better end of it.

However, with Danny Trevathan they were stubborn and extended him, securing he would finish his career in Chicago.

As noted, the moment the contract was signed questions rose about whether Danny Trevathan made way too much money, or if the years of the contract were warranted considering his status. It looked like a mistake from the jump.

In the first few weeks of the season, Trevathan looked like a player who lost multiple steps, and in week two he saw his season-low in snaps as the team tried to replace him with Deon Bush. But, considering the contract and the depth the team had to play Trevathan, who admittedly got better as the season progressed.

Still, he entered 2021 with big questions besides his name. Which Trevathan would show up and could he stay healthy? The early answer is a resounding no.

Trevathan played the Bears final preseason game to test himself and see if he was ready to roll. He played fine considering the situation, but days later it was reported that he may end up on the short-term IR.

This will put him out for three weeks. Trevathan may come back from this, but the signs are all pointing one way, so a turnaround here would stopping a three-year trend.

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Again, Danny Trevathan had a great run with the Chicago Bears. If the Bears let him walk in 2020, things would have ended perfectly. Now, they saw poor play in 2020, and have injured backer making big money in 2021. Oh, and he is still going to be a headache in 2022. It is a reoccuring reminder of how bad that deal was.