Chicago Bears: Matt Nagy proving he loves this skill set on offense

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Chicago Bears - Mandatory Credit: Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports /
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The Chicago Bears need to find ways to hit on more home run balls

Of course, all this speed would be wasted without a quarterback who cannot take advantage of it. On the quarterback front, we have Andy Dalton who has what has been described as having a grade-B arm. His reputation as an accurate passer includes the deep ball as he has dropped more than his share of dimes downfield.

However, for those Chicago Bears fans salivating over the time when Justin Fields takes the field, just imagine at some point what will happen when he can use his cannon of an arm to take full advantage of all this speed. It is no coincidence that the Bears drafted Justin Fields with his exceptionally powerful arm and then also added three new wideouts with exceptional speed.

Whether it is Andy Dalton or Justin Fields at QB, the odds look high to me that Nagy’s plans are to have the long ball become a staple in the immediate future and beyond in the Bears offense.

Then we also have the gift of wideout Nsimba Webster who was recently cut by the Niners. He was a productive college-wideout for Eastern Washington. In 44 games for them, he caught 156 passes for 2,233 yards including 18 touchdowns. However, his main value to the Chicago Bears is on special teams.

This multi-tasker returns kickoffs and punts as well as playing gunner on special teams. He clocks in at 4.49 and fits the Bears’ needs like a glove. Another plus with Webster is that he played for the Niners in 2020 and the Rams in 2018 and 2019.

This means, there is some add-on to his presence on the Bears as he can also provide valuable intel to the Bears on both teams. This can be of use right away as the Bears start the season on the road against the Rams. Then later when they play the Niners at home in Week 8. I expect Webster to return kickoffs. He, for sure, will replace Khalil Herbert who was targeted to stand in for Tarik Cohen as the Bears punt returner while Tarik is sidelined.