Chicago Bears: Matt Nagy proving he loves this skill set on offense

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What to expect from the Chicago Bears wide receivers and offense as a whole

What will make all of these speedy pass targets meaningful to the Bears is how they are used in combination with their number one receiver — the 6’2″ sticky-fingered Allen Robinson. They must also be used properly with the natural hands of the Bears’ big tight ends. These speedsters have the capacity to outrun coverage and get open or stretch out a defense to create some big holes for the tall pass targets to get open. They can actually do both at the same time too.

Now that we know about all the new Chicago Bears receivers, I sort of can’t wait to see how this plays out against the vaunted Rams defense. Their secondary was lights out in 2020 but they have since lost their starting free safety, John Johnson, and CB2, Troy Hill, to the Browns.

It is, entirely, possible the Bears’ many speedy wideouts can take advantage of these defections even with Jalen Ramsey in the mix. As great as Ramsey is, he can’t cover every receiver. I also have my doubts if the Rams replacements at free safety and CB2 will be as good as Johnson and Hill. Of course, this optimism is contingent on both left tackle, Jason Peters, and right tackle, Germain Ifedi, being ready to rock and roll in pass protection along with the rest of the Bears’ offensive line on September 12th.

Matt Nagy must be very frustrated after three years of primarily dinking and dunking his way to at best, mediocre production from his offense that resulted in mediocre records. This once heralded offensive head coach has had more lows than highs with his failed marriage to Mitch Trubisky. For the record, I believe as in any marriage both sides contributed greatly to their ultimate failure.

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Given the lackluster nature of the Bears offense during his time in Chicago, it seems, quite possibly even likely, that Nagy is going to want to make up for that by calling a fair amount of long bombs in 2021. Presumably, that is why the Bears went out of their way to acquire these extremely fast wide receivers for both the immediate future and to ultimately pair up with their strong-armed rookie quarterback.