The hidden factor that could ignite the Chicago Bears offense

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There has been a shift on offense, let’s hope it works out for the Chicago Bears

To recap for those Bears fans open to being hopeful, we have the fastest set of wide receivers in the entire history of the team. Their top three tight ends all have good hands and two of them combine that with decent blocking skills, as well.

The Bears have stacked their pass target deck with exceptional speed, exceptional height, and lots of good natural hands to catch the ball. Combining the skill set of the tight ends with the new speed kills additions to the Bears offense, opens up a myriad of possibilities in how the Bears offense can confuse and attack a defense.

Matt Nagy finally has an experienced quarterback to help connect his vision of his playbook to what is actually unfolding on the field. This veteran fits Nagy’s needs of being very experienced with his offense and combines accuracy with making good decisions in the pocket. They also have a rookie QB who is bursting with talent and just needs some NFL seasoning to put it all together.

If Nagy can get into a mindset where he is constantly setting up a defense to think he is zigging when he really intends to zag, the Bears offense could be explosive, as in “could” be. The constant use of deception by the formation in my opinion is just the medicine this offense needs to get strong and become a feared unit. This tactic could easily and surprisingly, lead to lots of chunk plays and clutch plays in the Bears’ immediate future.

I know the jaded Chicago Bears fans are all ready to put me and Nagy on blast for suggesting this. Let me make this perfectly clear, I am not predicting this will happen. I am, however, pointing out that this possibility does in fact exist. You can take all of this as hopeful or not as you wish.