The hidden factor that could ignite the Chicago Bears offense

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Will the Chicago Bears quarterback position actually help Matt Nagy’s offense?

In contrast to this optimistic possibility, we need to look back at what Matt Nagy did when they played the Bucs in 2020. Here is a link to an article that describes this in some detail. Nick Foles had marched the Bears into the Bucs red zone. He had a very good Bucs defense on its heels and wanted to do a hurry-up at the line of scrimmage. However, Mr. Magoo, Matt Nagy, calls a time out to put different personnel on the field. Foles was fuming before and after the play which resulted in a sack that lost 17 yards.

For the record, I really do not enjoy making fun of Nagy. However, as a writer when he sets himself up by making a decision that blows up in his face to an absurd degree, it is hard to ignore. The one thing I have pointed out many times is if a sports executive is strongly trending toward learning from his mistakes, as a fan and observer I can justify not calling for him to be replaced. I see this trait in Ryan Pace but so far not so much in Nagy.

On the subject of Nagy’s flaws, It has been my contention since 2019 that what Nagy really needs is an experienced quarterback who uses his knowledge of the game to smooth over Nagy’s rough edges. The ideal quarterback for him has been one who knows his offense, can consistently make decisions from the pocket and is accurate.

All this along with the other obvious traits a quality quarterback needs to succeed in the NFL. As it turns out this is a good description of both Andy Dalton and Nick Foles. The problem with Foles is that he does not suffer fools gladly and he clearly sees Nagy as fitting this description.