The hidden factor that could ignite the Chicago Bears offense

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There has been a slow shift on the offensive roster for the Chicago Bears

So here we are in 2021 and a fascinating new factor is flirting with the Chicago Bears offense. One that could drastically upgrade their offensive output from years past. I understand this seems like some football fans’ fantasy. However, the components on offense are in place to transform the typical Bears offense into a consistently productive unit.

Then again, with the inflexible nature of Matt Nagy and him having his head buried in his playbook for much of the game, this possible upward trend is anything but certain. However, Nagy did say he self-scouted himself this offseason and was going to do some things differently going into this upcoming year

A change from consistently calling predictable plays to fielding an offense that is often unpredictable would be a shocking, yet very welcoming change. To drive the point home, this all could turn a stagnant offense into one that consistently, moves the ball, scores a lot of points and wins lots of games.

Now that the Bears’ final roster is pretty much set, at least on offense, these fundamental changes in personnel are giving me hope. It does appear to me that a new offensive paradigm is sneaking under the radar into Halas Hall. One thing is for certain, if Matt Nagy commits to the strategy of substituting without substituting, he definitely has enough players with enough multiple skills to confuse defenses as to which play he is calling.

In previous years Chicago Bears’ offensive packages were often big tells of run or pass. Of course with Matt Nagy most of the time he called for a pass and when he called for a pass most of the time it was a short pass. The predictability factor was extreme. I put the blame for this predictability mainly on Nagy but also on Trubisky.