The hidden factor that could ignite the Chicago Bears offense

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Will Matt Nagy prove he has grown and run the ball more consistently?

The waves of change that could be brought about by injecting major doses of unpredictability into Matt Nagy’s play-calling could turn into a Chicago Bears tsunami. Imagine speedy receivers regularly breaking free for long touchdown passes. Another could be pass targets open enough to complete a pass at or beyond the first down marker. This all would be absolutely revolutionary for the Bears.

On the topic of revolutionary, Matt Nagy has to, you know, run the ball a lot more than he has in the past. That is the only way defenses will take the threat of the run seriously in double tight end sets or not.

The Bears have a legit 1,000-yard runner who is very hard to tackle in David Montgomery. They also have very good depth at running back. Behind Montgomery, is a Super Bowl hero, Damien Williams, and the promising rookie Khalil Herbert.

Given David Montgomery’s growth as an NFL runner and, especially, if you put Tarik Cohen into the mix, this is the first time running back is the deepest position on a Matt Nagy offense. This is solid evidence that Nagy will call more run plays than in the past. How many more have yet to be decided.