The hidden factor that could ignite the Chicago Bears offense

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Matt Nagy has the weapons he needs at running back now

Damien Williams as a runner is pretty comparable to David Montgomery. The last season Williams played was in 2019 for Kansas City and it was his best season. He had a 4.5-yard average on 111 rushing attempts. In 2020, which was Montgomery’s 1,000+ yard breakout season, he had a 4.3 average per carry on 247 rush attempts.

Using Williams at times over Montgomery will enhance the unpredictability factor. The reason being he is a better pass catcher than Montgomery and a very good one at that. With Damien Williams, the Bears can field a running back that will increase the unpredictability factor. Mix Williams in with two tight ends add two very, very fast wideouts or a speedy wideout along with Allen Robinson, shake and stir then let’s see how a defense handles this.

You can see that Nagy so wants to be the guy playing chess master against the NFL’s best defensive minds and coming out looking like the smartest man in the room. He may have this in him, as I suspect he does. Most Chicago Bears fans will think it is laughable to suggest this about Nagy. However, I do not believe Bears fans have seen what Nagy is really capable of as a play-caller.

His stubbornness looks like it puts him into a straight jacket all the time. I believe this straight jacket embodies him obsessing so much over his playbook during a game instead of mulling over what is actually happening on the field and then reacting to that. Then, you also have his ridiculous rigidity in trying to fit square pegs into the round holes of his playbook.

All this very much appears to me to mask his capacity to be a really good play-caller. In the end, he has to adapt or die on his hill as we all do at one time or another. Again, perhaps this is a fantasy but I do believe the Bears now have the right mix of skill position players to finally take their best shot with Nagy at offensive glory. That is, of course, if not only does Nagy gets his act together but the offensive line also has to hold up their end of the deal.